Next Generation Macbook Pro 13 inch Coming this October?

The 15 inch next generation Macbook Pro was the darling of the WWDC this year for many reasons. However, if you were hoping for for a 13 inch next generation Macbook Pro, then you were left out in the cold to hope for another day. Well there is hope, more than hope really as more and more reports continue to come in claiming another Macbook Pro, more specially, a next generation Macbook Pro 13 inch is due this fall around the October.
Just about 4 days before the release of the 15 inch next generation Macbook Pro, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities released a report that stated Apple would be in fact releasing the next generation Macbook along side the current Macbook Pro line, instead of replacing it. Kuo even went as far to report that an updated Macbook Pro would not be released until at the earliest August of this year due to issues with dissipation of heat throughout the machine. According to to Kuo;

[W]e don’t expect the new 13” MacBook to be available until after August this year, as it has limited space for thermal dissipation and uses a lower-yield retinal display than the 15” version. [Kuo] expects Apple to ramp up production of a 13-inch next-generation MacBook Pro with Retina display in September. That would allow the product to hit stores in early October, in time for the holiday shopping season.
Potentially supporting the idea of a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro being in testing is the discovery of a “MacBookPro10,2” listing in the results database for the battery utility app MiniBatteryLogger. The 15-inch MacBook Pro carries a designation of “MacBookPro10,1”, and while the MacBookPro10,2 designation could presumably have been faked, there are several indications that it may be legitimate. 

What Apple Didn’t Talk about at the WWDC

Apples WWDC 2012.

This week, specifically this past Monday is the biggest day of the year for any Apple fan. The WWDC historically has been known to demo some amazing future products of Apple. Because of that, each year the WWDC becomes even more enormous and even more scrutinized. Apple announced some amazing products at this years WWDC, but here is a small list of what they left out according to the rumors leading up to the WWDC.

15-inch MacBook Air: Its no secret people wanted and assumed a larger Macbook Air was inevitable. Although the new Macbook Pro is thinner, it is no where near as then and light as a Macbook Air. It looks like Apple is really trying to keep clear distinct lines between the Macbook lines, and understandably so.

13-inch Retina MacBook Pro: Much like before, maybe the 13 inch Retina Display for Mac wasnt announced because they wanted to keep a clear distinction between the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. There is a real possiblity that a Retina Display just isnt plausible yet due to the fact a Retina Display would double the resolution of the current Macbook Pro model. Both make sense to me.

17-inch MacBook Pro: The big ol Macbook Pro seemed to be left out in the cold on this one. It is no secret that Apple isnt selling the 17 inch MBP as well as they would like. So to see nothing being done to this giant makes some sense. Apple wants small, light, long battery life products, and sadly, the 17 inch MBP just inst that at all. Also, the 17 inch MBP is no longer listed on Apples online store.

Retina display on  Macbook Air:  The new MacBook Pro is meant to be understood as a professional, expensive computer. The Retina screen helps differentiate it from the Air and gives it an air of luxury and helps justify the price. Because of this, I believe that is the reason for its absence from the really awesome Mac upgrades.

iMac: Apple obviously has a huge focus on Retina everything really, so it is natural to start picturing watching a nice movie on an 27 inch Retina Display. But to get back to reality, thats cutting it awfully close to an iTV. Plus, imagine the expenses of that screen and ultimately the iMac. Wow, no chance that was ever going to be announced at this years WWDC.

Mac Pro: Apple did in fact update the Mac Pros to take advantage of the latest RAM and processors, but with no stage time and no real redesign, it’s clear they’re low on the priority list right now. Maybe the big update is coming whenever the iMac and other desk-type computers get theirs.

iPhone 5: Obviously the new version of Apple’s hit phone (likely to be called simply “the new iPhone”) was not announced, though a few hopeful souls were thinking it would be a great surprise to bring out or at least tease alongside iOS 6. No such luck, however, as Apple continues to keep the iPhone sort of under wraps.

iPad Mini: Persistent whispers from the supply line and overseas manufacturing community suggest the existence of a smaller iPad with a 7.85-inch screen. WWDC would have been as good a place as any to announce it, but clearly the iPad mini is not ready for prime time, that is, if it exists at all.

iTV: An iTV pretty much seemed inevitable, part leaks, sources confirming the TV was coming helped fuel the fire. People everywhere, including myself expected something to be announced. However, nothing was really said, at all. In fact, the only thing about Apple TV and iTV was an announcement over the improvement of AirPlay. Thats it. I honestly expected something, but i wasn’t alone on this.

Apps for Apple TV: Continuing the theme of Apple TV/iTV, I also expected Apple to open up the Apple TV to third party apps and create an App Store for the iOS device. Just like the iTV, there wasn’t a whiff of that at all.

Of course, many of these things I have mentioned could be released later this year, or sometime next year or the following year. Apple always finds ways of keeping us on the ropes, even when we think we know whats coming. For that, I applaud you Apple, keep on with the whole secrecy thing!