A Deep Look at OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Lion released way back in July of 2011, and with it brought the worlds most advanced operating system to the Mac. For the first time for Macs, the OS was offered digitally from the Mac App Store and this was a huge success with over 80% of OS X users currently running the latest version of OS X.

At this years WWDC 2012, OS X Mountain Lion was demoed and showed off to the world. This latest version of OS X brings a lot of familar features from iOS over to the Mac. With the latest update, features such as Reminders, Messages, Notes, Notification Center, Game Center, AirPlay Mirroring, Dictation, Facebook and Twitter integration, and so much more. Actually, I believe this video from Apple does a great job at showing what OS X Mountain Lion is all about:

For me personally, I really look forward to this update because this is shaping up to be one of the most feature packed updates in recent years. Although many people disagree and claim that iOS and OS X merging slowly together is the downfall of OS X, I disagree completely. Adding all of these features not only enhances the Mac experience and help build a better relationship between iOS devices and Mac, iOS only users will find transitioning over to the Mac to be less confusing and actually familar. Apple isnt dumbing down the Mac, they arent compromising features. In fact, they are making OS X more user friendly and even more powerful. If you disagree with me, enjoy the discombobulated Windows 8 metro, then tell me if you would rather have OS X Mountain Lion or MS Metro.


Why Apple Will Make an iTV!

Rumors of an iTV have been nothing short of plentiful in the last year. Many blogs across the net, Apple related and non Apple related, have weighed in on the concept of an iTV like Boy Genius Report, Engadget, and PCMag. For the most part these have all been just rumor talks and speculations as to if and when Apple will release an iTV. But thats not what I want to talk about today. No, I want to focus in on why Apple should and will release an iTV:

A mock-up of a iTV, looks very believable.

  • Apple already has an Apple TV, they have an eye on TV and know they can do it better. Apple has always striven to revolutionize daily lives such as the Mac, followed by the iPod, the iPhone, and now iPad. Adding a TV to that mix makes sense. 
  • People buy TV’s usually every 2-4 years depending on several circumstances. This falls right into the yearly, or every other year update that Apple likes to achieve with their products. Beyond that, Apple has the mobile software to make internet TV’s of today look like a giant joke. Yes, TV’s are always changing, but a 1080p, 120 htz HDTV with a great OS that actually works can and will last longer than just a few months. If Apple does it right, they could take the TV to a whole new level.
  • Speaking about terrible UI on Internet TV’s, has anyone ever really wanted to use them? Seriously, they are slow, clunky, ugly, and unusable. Samsung has done a great job with a newer OS adding Skype and a Xbox Kinect like gestures. This is what I believe Apple could do, but better and here is how. They add a modified version of iOS with FaceTime, Weather, Stocks, iMessage, and Mail all controlled by Siri, hand gestures, or using Air Play on any mobile iOS device as a remote to send messages, play content, or game. 

I believe Apple is in fact working on an iTV that will take a TV and make it the central hub of communication and entertainment that will change how we look at TV’s. The potential for an iTV to replace Apple TV and expand even further into the Market makes this a very smart prediction. However, only time will tell if Apple will indeed ever release an iTV. We will certainly know more after this years WWDC. Well thats all I have folks, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Peace Apple Nation!