Amazon Cloud Player on iOS Beats iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud Player on iOS. Better than iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud storage and Cloud Player are nothing new to the world of smartphones and tablets, however, they are new to iOS. As of this week, Amazon has finally released Amazon Cloud player to iOS which allows users to upload music to the cloud and then stream them via the Amazon Cloud Player app. After some extensive use the past few days, I can say with out a doubt Amazon’s Cloud Player absolutely preforms better than iTunes Match.

Remember that article yesterday that I posted with a few questions asking why iTunes Match sucked so bad, and why streaming your own music was so slow and awful? Well Amazon Cloud Player is the answer to that question. Worried about going over that limited data package? Well you can go to the settings and select “download and stream only on Wi-Fi” and you’re home free. Even better yet, this service is totally free and works better than the 25 dollar yearly subscription fee Apple charges for their service. Yeah, I just discontinued mine. The only hassle is uploading the music, however, here is a step by step instructions on uploading the music to Amazon’s Cloud Player:
  1. Go to, if you don’t have an account, make one.
  2. Select “Shop by Department” and then select “MP3’s and Cloud Player”
  3. Select “Cloud Player for Web,” after the page loads up, select “Upload your music”
  4. From there you should be prompted to download the “Amazon MP3 uploader”
  5. Install “AmazonMP3uploader” 
  6. Once installed and running on desktop, let it scan your music, after it finishes scanning, should take roughly 1-4 minutes depending on your music library size.
  7. From there, it will give you an estimate. For 3,000 songs, about 12 hours. I know it sounds like a long time but it is well worth the wait. 
  8. Go to the App Store on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and search “Amazon Cloud Player” 
  9. Login in with your Amazon account and enjoy your music
So there you have it, another player in the world of music in the cloud for iOS. What do you think of Amazon Cloud Player for iOS? Do you like it? Is it better than iTunes Match? Or is it too early to tell if Amazon Cloud Player is better than iTunes Match? Let us know in the comment box below, on Google+, our Twitter page, or Facebook. Peace Apple Nation and Go Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA Finals!

An iPad Mini?

I have been reading a lot about the Apple TV and iPad Mini, along with other rumors today. However, this rumor is one that for the first time makes sense and even seems probable to me. I know that Steve Jobs hated the idea of a tablet being 7 inches because he claimed that it compromised the experience of the iPad. For the most part, I would have to say I agree with him on that. However, tablets are becoming more refined and companies like Amazon are mass producing well built, 7 inch tablets that are affordable. The key word here is, “Affordable.” Apple wants nothing more than to totally dominate the tablet landscape and at the current moment, this just is not possible.

A mock-up of an iPad Mini next to The New iPad

Not everyone wants a 10 inch tablet and even more so is that many cannot afford the $500 tablet. Thats why an iPad Mini makes so much sense. With an iPad Mini at a starting price of $249, this gives the average person an opportunity to own an Apple tablet with access to Apple’s App Store and iTunes. This means for Apple more control over the tablet market, another group of consumers to market to, and more people purchasing books, apps, music, and everything else you can think of. Because of this, the iPad Mini makes a lot of sense and I believe should and will hit the market this fall.

So there you have it folks, what do you think about an iPad Mini? Should it happen? Is it disrespectful to Steve Jobs? Let us know here at GuessingTheApple. Anyways, dont forget to like us on Facebook @GuessingTheApple and follow us on Twitter @AppleGuesser. Peace Apple Nation and dont forget to get your friends to follow our blog and like our Facebook page.

A 30-Year-Old IBM PC Compared With The iPhone [Infographic]

So I was cruising the internet for some eye catching tech stories and this one really caught my eye. The boys down at came up with this really nostalgic story comparing a current smartphone to a PC from the 80’s, home of the beautiful floppy disk (kids if you are wondering what that is, just wikipedia it LOL). Thanks iphonehacks and the writer of this story Rounak from iphonehacks for this great story, enjoy everyone! 🙂

It’s always interesting to see how technology products from a few decades ago stack up against the ones available now.

Alfred Poor and David Foster of Input Output created and designed an infographic that compares a 30 year old IBM PC with the iPhone 4.
It’s just amazing to see how clock speeds, memory sizes, battery capacity and screen resolutions have increased over the years, while at the same time shrinking in size so as to fit in a device that you can carry in your pocket.
IBM PC versus iPhone 4
So the next time someone tells you that he or she isn’t happy with their iPhone, point them to this link to remind them of how far technology has come.

Two Things I Hate About OS X Lion

There are many things that I think are fantastic about OS X Lion. I love Mission Control for all my apps and I love all the touch gestures that make my Macbook that much more enjoyable and easy to use. But somethings really bother me about OS X that just makes me scratch my head and wonder what the heck is Apple doing. First thing is iBooks and really I shouldnt be wondering where this is on my Mac. Not having iBooks on my Mac is like not having iTunes either. You could argue there is no need for iBooks on a Mac, but if you want to use that logic then if you buy a song its only for your iPod and not your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Where is this app at? If Amazon can have a kindle on the Mac, then why cant Apple make iBooks for the Mac? I would love to be able to read my books on my Mac that I have purchased, just saying Apple!! 

iBooks suggested icon for  Mac.
Another thing that really bothers me in the world of OS X is that there is no iMessages integration what so ever. Let me ask you something, have you ever wanted to use or have used the iChat app, especially after FaceTime became a dedicated app? If your like me, probably not and I believe Apple is missing gold here as well with this. Take that boring messaging app and turn it into iChat for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac. Update the chat display within the messaging app on IOS, and build it into the iChat app with FaceTime, and iCloud mail. All the communication in one app for all your contacts. Sounds like a great idea to me, so if someone like me can think of this, whats stopping Apple from doing something similar? Hmmm 🙂
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What’s the Best Tablet Out There?

Ok, So I have been thinking a lot about tablets. What are the best tablets on the market or soon to be on the market? I think that is a great question to ask, especially with Black Friday and all of December to shop for those cool stocking stuffers or actual gifts for loved ones. So what are some great tablets that exceed the money you pay for them that dont leave you regretting your decision just mere hours later? Well the tablet market isnt exactly flowing with amazing tablets, but it is beginning to become more diverse and full of quality. Without going into the geeky tech specs, I am going to just list why I like the tablet in the best options for this year. So here is the top 5 best tablets of the 2011 Christmas Season in order of best value to overall experience:

  1. Amazon Kindle Fire. This thing is awesome. Yes this thing has a limited OS of Android and limited space compared to its competition. But what this thing has is comparable to Apple and that is a legitimate company with a store behind the device. Amazon has its own cloud service for books, movies, tv shows, and music. Beyond that, they have their own android market, music market, streaming services for movies and shows, and a book store as well. With Amazon fully in control of this tablet, this one is hard to overlook just off the name Amazon itself, but the price is $199. With a price like that, its hard to not say this is the best tablet this year.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Yeah, I know, this is odd coming from an Apple fanboy to list two tablets in front of the iPad, and on top of that a Samsung one? The tablet that Apple banned in Australia and Germany? Yep, thats the one. This thing is sweet too. Its fast, has the look of an iPad, but for those anti-Apple, or just want a tablet in a 16:9 ratio with a better resolution on the screen for say, netflix, this is it. But really, its the same price as the starting entry level iPad at $499. So this isnt necessarily an iPad killer, more an Apple relative that Apple wants to go away haha 🙂 Anyways, this thing is $499.99 just like the iPad with the same 16 gig hard drive size. 
  3. HTC Flyer. Why do I like this device? I dont really know, its 7 inches screen size, relatively average specs, and a great battery life with a 5 megapixel camera. Its small, compact, easy to carry, runs smooth with Android software and looks like a larger sized HTC phone. So its cool looking. I recommend it if you want a cheap, small, and reliable Android tablet. Price is $384.99 🙂 Nice Price 🙂
  4. Apple iPad 2. Really AppleGuesser, the iPad 2 is number 4 on your boards behind some smaller sized Android tablets? Yep. Because it is a great experience, smooth OS, probably the best tablet at the moment on the market. But for most, this thing is way to expensive for just a fun toy. So because of that, I have it at number 4. Beyond that, this thing has 3 sizes which is 16, 32, and 64 gigs and either wifi only or 3G/wifi models as well as in white or black. Great App store, music store, and great functional apps for both business, education, fun, and entertainment. Price is about the only negative which keeps it at number 4. Price, $499 entry level.
  5. Barnes & Noble Nook. Yes, I said the nook. This device is slowly gaining more and more features. Much like Amazon, Barnes and Noble is stepping their game up and with a newly released Nook this month before the holiday’s. Dont knock the Nook. It has an App store, albeit limited, also has web browsing, and can download lots of books, hold music, videos, and extremely durable, light, and portable. All things you want in a tablet. Price, $249.
This is my top 5 for this years holiday shopping season when it comes to tablets. Just because it isnt a 10 inch screen or Samsung or Apple doesnt mean it wont be a great tablet. Read up on new tablets, read reviews and just ask around, you might be surprised at what theses things can do. As always, questions, comments, thoughts, put them below on here or message me @AppleGuesser on Twitter where you can get even more Apple news and just a bit more. Peace!