Reviews of the Next Generation Macbook Pro

The Next Generation Macbook Pro.

Since the introduction of the Next Generation Macbook Pro at the annual WWDC, the new Macbook Pro has been generating a lot of attention. When I say a lot of attention, I mean a lot! Apple has gone as far as even creating a commercial designated for just the Macbook Pro itself, not with OS X Mountain, not talking about iOS 6 or iCloud, not the iPhone with Siri or even the iPad with Siri. Its just the Macbook Pro, and this is something Apple usually doesnt do with with exception of the Macbook Air a couple of years ago. 

This new Macbook Pro is not only just ground breaking, its innovative, its amazing, awesome, and so much more. Everything about the Macbook Pro has changed from the inside out. If you don’t believe my love for this device, thats cool, but here are some major reviews from big time journalists.

The New York Times – David Pogue

Superfast. Superthin. Superlight. Superlong battery life. Immense storage. Enough memory to keep lots of programs open at once. Stunning screen, comfortable keyboard, terrific sound. Fast start-up, rugged body, gorgeous looks.

And, of course, inexpensive.

The new Apple laptop that went on sale Monday hits an impressive number of those high notes in one radical swoop. As you might guess, the one it misses by the biggest margin is “inexpensive.”

Engadget – Tim Stevens
Next Generation Macbook Pro.

Is this the best Mac ever? You can’t ignore the Air as an amazing piece of machinery, especially with the new, higher-powered Ivy Bridge processors and faster SSDs tucked inside its wedge profile. But, this new Pro is on another level of performance. With a quad-core processor and up to 16GB of RAM it’s a proper beast — a proper beast that you can throw in your messenger bag and carry around all day without spending all night complaining about an aching back.

That said, this is not exactly a small machine, heavy enough that those happy Air users who’ve been feeling tempted might want to take a swing by their closest Apple Store and lift one themselves. It’s expensive, too.

The Verge – Ross Miller

If you’re in the market for a premium OS X laptop right now, it’s hard not to recommend the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. If, however, power isn’t your ultimate goal, may we suggest shaving a few pounds and specs for the MacBook Air. As for everything in between, those non-Retina “standard” MacBook Pros, well… the writing’s on the wall. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to be even a little bit patient and wait for more apps to push Retina-optimized updates — if you get the MacBook Pro with Retina display now, you’ll be waiting on the world to change.

Retina Display Macbook Pro.
Time – Harry McCracken

Even for those of us who are unlikely to spend more than two grand on a computer, or who prefer something more ultraportable than a 15″ model, the arrival of the Retina MacBook Pro is a meaningful moment in Mac history. It’s the most refined, advanced PC that Apple has produced to date. And it’s a safe bet that the ideas it exhibits will be reflected in future models from the company, including ones with smaller screens and smaller price tags. It’s both a great computer, and a preview of great computers to come.

CNET – Dan Ackerman

I’ve previously called the 15-inch MacBook Pro one of the most universally useful all-around laptops you can buy. This new version adds to that with HDMI, faster ports, and more portability. But it also subtracts from that with its exclusion of an optical drive and Ethernet port, plus its very high starting price. The Pro and Retina Pro are clearly two laptops designed for two different users, and with the exception of all-day commuters who need something closer to a MacBook Air or ultrabook, one of the two branches of the MacBook Pro family tree is still probably the most universally useful laptop you can buy.

The WWDC in 90 Seconds

Every year Apple host the event known as the WorldWide Developers Conference also known as the WWDC. For each passing year, it seems this event grows tremendously with even casual fans taking notice to the event. For many Apple fanboys and casual followers, the WWDC is like Christmas in June with new products and software to go with the new products.

Many people want to follow the WWDC but doing so can be extremely tough until sites like 9to5mac, Engadget, and Guessing the Apple send the word out because there is no live access to the WWDC. After a few hours Apple does release the Keynote video and it is the whole enchilada coming in at usually 90 minutes to 2 full hours. Most people simply cannot watch the entire keynote. So this is where one of my favorite blogs, Cult of Mac, has stepped in as they have all the key highlights of this years WWDC 2012 in 90 seconds. Enjoy!

WWDC 2012 is Here!

WWDC 2012 at San Francisco, CA.

With the WWDC just hours a way, rumors run high, expectations higher. People from all over the world have made their trek to San Francisco and even more continue to pour online to find out what is going on in the world of Apple. Get your WWDC recap of everything important and the Keynote video when it is released all right here at Guessing the Apple. Dont forget to follow us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook for all of your Apple news.

Why Apple Will Make an iTV!

Rumors of an iTV have been nothing short of plentiful in the last year. Many blogs across the net, Apple related and non Apple related, have weighed in on the concept of an iTV like Boy Genius Report, Engadget, and PCMag. For the most part these have all been just rumor talks and speculations as to if and when Apple will release an iTV. But thats not what I want to talk about today. No, I want to focus in on why Apple should and will release an iTV:

A mock-up of a iTV, looks very believable.

  • Apple already has an Apple TV, they have an eye on TV and know they can do it better. Apple has always striven to revolutionize daily lives such as the Mac, followed by the iPod, the iPhone, and now iPad. Adding a TV to that mix makes sense. 
  • People buy TV’s usually every 2-4 years depending on several circumstances. This falls right into the yearly, or every other year update that Apple likes to achieve with their products. Beyond that, Apple has the mobile software to make internet TV’s of today look like a giant joke. Yes, TV’s are always changing, but a 1080p, 120 htz HDTV with a great OS that actually works can and will last longer than just a few months. If Apple does it right, they could take the TV to a whole new level.
  • Speaking about terrible UI on Internet TV’s, has anyone ever really wanted to use them? Seriously, they are slow, clunky, ugly, and unusable. Samsung has done a great job with a newer OS adding Skype and a Xbox Kinect like gestures. This is what I believe Apple could do, but better and here is how. They add a modified version of iOS with FaceTime, Weather, Stocks, iMessage, and Mail all controlled by Siri, hand gestures, or using Air Play on any mobile iOS device as a remote to send messages, play content, or game. 

I believe Apple is in fact working on an iTV that will take a TV and make it the central hub of communication and entertainment that will change how we look at TV’s. The potential for an iTV to replace Apple TV and expand even further into the Market makes this a very smart prediction. However, only time will tell if Apple will indeed ever release an iTV. We will certainly know more after this years WWDC. Well thats all I have folks, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Peace Apple Nation!