iOS 6 Beta, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

iOS 6 is set to debut in the fall of 2012.

Apple introduced iOS 6 this past Monday at the WWDC 2012. With the introduction of iOS 6, new features like Maps, Siri, Passbook, and over 200 features total have been baked into the the latest iOS update. So lets cut to the chase and give the good, the bad, the ugly, and a video of iOS 6 Beta 1.

The Good

iOS 6 has a lot to like about it. With iOS 6 Siri has been updated to be able to answer sports questions, find restaurants and give the Yelp! rating and price, Siri locates movie theaters, tell you what movies are playing, when they are playing, and their score on rotten tomatoes. Beyond that, Passbook holds transportation tickets, sports tickets, and retail/restaurant member cards like Starbucks. Even Maps, Apples answer to ditching Google Maps, is very impressive with Fly over and 3D view as well. Also, Apple finally adds the ability to FaceTime over 3G/4G. About frickin time!

The Bad

If you were hoping for more improvements to multitasking, the App Store, and iTunes in iOS 6, then you are completely out of luck. From what I’ve seen in several videos of iOS 6, including the one below, nothing was really updated, just some color changes really. I feel Apple is missing out on something here, its time to do something with the multitasking and the Stores that go with iOS.

The Ugly

Apple has once again failed to do anything substancial to the lockscreen. I know that iOS 5 brought some more functionality to the lockscreen, but look at intelliscreen or Lockinfo on the Cydia App Store, thats what I want from Apple, just something, throw me a bone Apple? Also, I feel widgets in the Notification Center should have been added. Again, look at Cydia, they have SBsettings in the NC, they have an app that controls your music, so much better than double tapping the home button. Come on Apple, this is definitely something you should look out.

Well, thats the good, the bad, and the ugly of iOS 6 and a video to show you what iOS 6 Beta looks like so far. What do you think of iOS 6? Is it great, feature packed enough for you, or does iOS 6 just fall flat for you? Let us know on our Google+ page, Twitter, or Facebook page. Peace Apple Nation!


Two Things I Hate About OS X Lion

There are many things that I think are fantastic about OS X Lion. I love Mission Control for all my apps and I love all the touch gestures that make my Macbook that much more enjoyable and easy to use. But somethings really bother me about OS X that just makes me scratch my head and wonder what the heck is Apple doing. First thing is iBooks and really I shouldnt be wondering where this is on my Mac. Not having iBooks on my Mac is like not having iTunes either. You could argue there is no need for iBooks on a Mac, but if you want to use that logic then if you buy a song its only for your iPod and not your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Where is this app at? If Amazon can have a kindle on the Mac, then why cant Apple make iBooks for the Mac? I would love to be able to read my books on my Mac that I have purchased, just saying Apple!! 

iBooks suggested icon for  Mac.
Another thing that really bothers me in the world of OS X is that there is no iMessages integration what so ever. Let me ask you something, have you ever wanted to use or have used the iChat app, especially after FaceTime became a dedicated app? If your like me, probably not and I believe Apple is missing gold here as well with this. Take that boring messaging app and turn it into iChat for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac. Update the chat display within the messaging app on IOS, and build it into the iChat app with FaceTime, and iCloud mail. All the communication in one app for all your contacts. Sounds like a great idea to me, so if someone like me can think of this, whats stopping Apple from doing something similar? Hmmm 🙂
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