Amazon Cloud Player on iOS Beats iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud Player on iOS. Better than iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud storage and Cloud Player are nothing new to the world of smartphones and tablets, however, they are new to iOS. As of this week, Amazon has finally released Amazon Cloud player to iOS which allows users to upload music to the cloud and then stream them via the Amazon Cloud Player app. After some extensive use the past few days, I can say with out a doubt Amazon’s Cloud Player absolutely preforms better than iTunes Match.

Remember that article yesterday that I posted with a few questions asking why iTunes Match sucked so bad, and why streaming your own music was so slow and awful? Well Amazon Cloud Player is the answer to that question. Worried about going over that limited data package? Well you can go to the settings and select “download and stream only on Wi-Fi” and you’re home free. Even better yet, this service is totally free and works better than the 25 dollar yearly subscription fee Apple charges for their service. Yeah, I just discontinued mine. The only hassle is uploading the music, however, here is a step by step instructions on uploading the music to Amazon’s Cloud Player:
  1. Go to, if you don’t have an account, make one.
  2. Select “Shop by Department” and then select “MP3’s and Cloud Player”
  3. Select “Cloud Player for Web,” after the page loads up, select “Upload your music”
  4. From there you should be prompted to download the “Amazon MP3 uploader”
  5. Install “AmazonMP3uploader” 
  6. Once installed and running on desktop, let it scan your music, after it finishes scanning, should take roughly 1-4 minutes depending on your music library size.
  7. From there, it will give you an estimate. For 3,000 songs, about 12 hours. I know it sounds like a long time but it is well worth the wait. 
  8. Go to the App Store on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and search “Amazon Cloud Player” 
  9. Login in with your Amazon account and enjoy your music
So there you have it, another player in the world of music in the cloud for iOS. What do you think of Amazon Cloud Player for iOS? Do you like it? Is it better than iTunes Match? Or is it too early to tell if Amazon Cloud Player is better than iTunes Match? Let us know in the comment box below, on Google+, our Twitter page, or Facebook. Peace Apple Nation and Go Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA Finals!

The WWDC in 90 Seconds

Every year Apple host the event known as the WorldWide Developers Conference also known as the WWDC. For each passing year, it seems this event grows tremendously with even casual fans taking notice to the event. For many Apple fanboys and casual followers, the WWDC is like Christmas in June with new products and software to go with the new products.

Many people want to follow the WWDC but doing so can be extremely tough until sites like 9to5mac, Engadget, and Guessing the Apple send the word out because there is no live access to the WWDC. After a few hours Apple does release the Keynote video and it is the whole enchilada coming in at usually 90 minutes to 2 full hours. Most people simply cannot watch the entire keynote. So this is where one of my favorite blogs, Cult of Mac, has stepped in as they have all the key highlights of this years WWDC 2012 in 90 seconds. Enjoy!

Big New Features of iOS 6, So Far!

Here is the confirmed list so far of what is new and big on iOS:

Passbook for iOS 6, one of the new apps on iDevices!

  • Facetime over Celular networks
  • Siri to the new iPad (3)
  • Updated Siri mixed with Yelp!
  • Do not disturb mode- (mutes notifications and keeps screen off but notifications are there)
  • An “I am busy” mode for when you get a call and cant answer. Can select preset texts to respond to during the initial ringing.
  • Passbook keeps all of your movie tickets like Fandago, Coupons and cards from Starbucks, Amtrack, and Target are all there, and Plane tickets.
Still news coming in but this is the latest! 

iOS 6 Beta already out?

Cruising through the blogs on a late saturday night can be kinda boring. Well, watching paint dry can be a lot more fun. But i came across something very interesting. Someone posted a link to a video on youtube showing a video that demonstrates a user using iOS 6 Beta 1 Build 10A010 (according to the user of the video). I know that this cant possibly be real can it? I am a jailbreaker myself and I understand tweaks and things like that, so thats whats got me scratching my head. Is this in fact real????

Leaked Specs for the Macbook Pro?

Rumors and part leaks for Apple products are nothing new. From iPhones to iPods, to iPads and the Mac line up, product leaks always generate a lot of attention from users, fans, and critics alike. On the eve of the WWDC, a photo taken and posted onto the internet revealed the potential specs of the MacBook Pro 13 inch. From what many can tell, this seems very legit with people both current and form Apple employees backing the claim. 
(Rumored) Leaked specs for the Macbook Pro.
What has so many people upset is that the new MacBook Pro, if the specs are true, has very dull changes to it including a lack of a high resolution screen and remaining attached to SSD. I understand people want change, want upgrades to the MBP line up and I believe they will receive them. What Apple is trying to do in my opinion is slowly axe the old MBP line up in favor of a slimmer, lighter, higher res screen MBP 15 inch. If you sit down and think about it, the concept seems right, give people the cheaper option of a MBP while pushing out new technology. Apple has done this before with the aluminum Macbook along side the White Macbook in 2008 and they do this with the iPhone offering an older model while pushing the new technology. 
While I certainly am not ecstatic about an incremental update for the 13 inch MBP, a model i use and love, I understand what Apple is attempting to do. So for those upset over this mediocre update, get over it and buy the 15 inch MBP that should be unveiled Monday, June 11th at 4 pm est/ 1 pm pst. Until then, lets all take a breather and see what happens. We have a long way to go before the WWDC next week. 

Jailbreak Tweak makes iPad Notification Center look Weak

MountainLionCenter jailbreak tweak for
the iPad.

Apple’s initiative to bring several highly notable iOS features “back to the Mac” is one of the hallmarks of its upcoming release of OS X Mountain Lion. One of the most touted iOS features to make its way to Mountain Lion is Notification Center. Notification Center on the Mac works similar to the way it does on iOS, with a few noted differences.

One of the main differences is the location of Notification Center — on the Mac it is docked and hidden on the right-hand side of the screen. Wouldn’t such change be welcomed to Notification Center on the iPad? I say this, because in its current form, it’s placed square in the middle of the screen no matter the orientation. In fact, it’s sort of like an afterthought.

MountainLionCenter is the upcoming jailbreak tweak that plans to change this, placing it more in line with the way Notification Center works on OS X Mountain Lion. For more details, watch our full video walkthrough at our Whats new for iOS page.

Siri Coming to the iPad?

A mock-up of Siri running on an iPad.

Happy Monday Apple fans, as you may be aware of, the WWDC isn’t far away and rumors continue to fly around. According the 9to5mac, Apple is working on version of Siri to run on the iPad that would drop with iOS 6 presumed to be this fall. Apple initially introduced Siri to the world via the iPhone 4S. Since day one, many iPhone 4 and iPad 2 fans have been wondering if Apple would or even could add Siri to their device. While the rumor of Siri coming to the iPad is heating up, the trail that leads to the knowledge of which iPad model will run Siri is growing colder. 

According to 9to5mac: “Siri on the iPad is activated by a quick hold of the home button, just like on the iPhone 4S. The interface slides up from below the display with a clever animation. Siri is built into the iPad as a small window on top of whatever interface the user is currently interacting with. This Siri window with rounded corners sits at the bottom center of the display, as you can see in our mockup above. The Siri iPad interface takes very little space over the iPad interface currently in use, and is designed with the same linen texture as on the iPhone. Siri for iPad also works from the lock screen”
Siri coming to the New iPad  makes a lot of sense. The “iPad 3” has all the specs including voice dictation, a small version of Siri, that makes a very legitimate case for having Siri fully implemented on it. Much like how Apple handled multitasking and iOS 4 for the iPad to hype the release of iOS 4 which generated a lot of sales, I believe Apple is using the same tactic with Siri and iOS 6. What do you think is going on? Do you buy Siri coming to the iPad? Let us know in the comment box and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Peace Apple Nation!!