Amazon Cloud Player on iOS Beats iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud Player on iOS. Better than iTunes Match

Amazon Cloud storage and Cloud Player are nothing new to the world of smartphones and tablets, however, they are new to iOS. As of this week, Amazon has finally released Amazon Cloud player to iOS which allows users to upload music to the cloud and then stream them via the Amazon Cloud Player app. After some extensive use the past few days, I can say with out a doubt Amazon’s Cloud Player absolutely preforms better than iTunes Match.

Remember that article yesterday that I posted with a few questions asking why iTunes Match sucked so bad, and why streaming your own music was so slow and awful? Well Amazon Cloud Player is the answer to that question. Worried about going over that limited data package? Well you can go to the settings and select “download and stream only on Wi-Fi” and you’re home free. Even better yet, this service is totally free and works better than the 25 dollar yearly subscription fee Apple charges for their service. Yeah, I just discontinued mine. The only hassle is uploading the music, however, here is a step by step instructions on uploading the music to Amazon’s Cloud Player:
  1. Go to, if you don’t have an account, make one.
  2. Select “Shop by Department” and then select “MP3’s and Cloud Player”
  3. Select “Cloud Player for Web,” after the page loads up, select “Upload your music”
  4. From there you should be prompted to download the “Amazon MP3 uploader”
  5. Install “AmazonMP3uploader” 
  6. Once installed and running on desktop, let it scan your music, after it finishes scanning, should take roughly 1-4 minutes depending on your music library size.
  7. From there, it will give you an estimate. For 3,000 songs, about 12 hours. I know it sounds like a long time but it is well worth the wait. 
  8. Go to the App Store on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and search “Amazon Cloud Player” 
  9. Login in with your Amazon account and enjoy your music
So there you have it, another player in the world of music in the cloud for iOS. What do you think of Amazon Cloud Player for iOS? Do you like it? Is it better than iTunes Match? Or is it too early to tell if Amazon Cloud Player is better than iTunes Match? Let us know in the comment box below, on Google+, our Twitter page, or Facebook. Peace Apple Nation and Go Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA Finals!

Big New Features of iOS 6, So Far!

Here is the confirmed list so far of what is new and big on iOS:

Passbook for iOS 6, one of the new apps on iDevices!

  • Facetime over Celular networks
  • Siri to the new iPad (3)
  • Updated Siri mixed with Yelp!
  • Do not disturb mode- (mutes notifications and keeps screen off but notifications are there)
  • An “I am busy” mode for when you get a call and cant answer. Can select preset texts to respond to during the initial ringing.
  • Passbook keeps all of your movie tickets like Fandago, Coupons and cards from Starbucks, Amtrack, and Target are all there, and Plane tickets.
Still news coming in but this is the latest! 

iOS 6 Beta already out?

Cruising through the blogs on a late saturday night can be kinda boring. Well, watching paint dry can be a lot more fun. But i came across something very interesting. Someone posted a link to a video on youtube showing a video that demonstrates a user using iOS 6 Beta 1 Build 10A010 (according to the user of the video). I know that this cant possibly be real can it? I am a jailbreaker myself and I understand tweaks and things like that, so thats whats got me scratching my head. Is this in fact real????

WWDC and Weekend recap of Apple

iOS 6 banner at this years WWDC in San Francisco,

With the WWDC less than two days away, anticipation has been building and rumors disappearing less and less as the most anticipated Keynote of the year for Apple fans is upon us. For the most part, we know what Apple will announce such as iOS 6, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and updated Macs. Yet dont be surprised if Apple decides to throw a curveball and announce something no one expected. Where would the fun be in that if we knew everything? My guess is not that much. So lets do the rundown of the weekend recap, the last recap before the WWDC:
  • Virgin, Boost Mobile and others are getting the iPhone as a pre paid phone. More options, no contracts, people really want them.
  • Pictures of banners from the WWDC with iOS 6 on them continue to show up. If you want to be a pessimist like most on MacRumors, its fake….yep!! fake……
  • Apple TV is being opened up to 3rd party app developers. Looks like an App Store for Apple TV is coming after all.
  • Last but not least, T-Mobile is working really hard to get on Apples good side as they continue to refarm their Cellular network to 1900 MHz which is compatible with the iPhone. T-Mobile users will have 3G at this years WWDC instead of Edge network. Good job T-Mobile, glad it only took you years to catch up to Cricket, Boost Mobile, Virgin and others. Good job…
Well thats this weekends recap, don’t forget that immediately following the WWDC, Guessing the Apple will bring you full coverage of new products, software updates, and release dates for everything. Don’t forget to follow us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook for all your Apple news. Peace Apple Nation and Happy WWDC Eve! 

Predictions for Upcoming WWDC 2012

Well, it is that time of the year once again for all you crazy Apple lovers. Yep, I am talking about the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 and if you buy into all the hype, this maybe the most anticipated WWDC since 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. What exactly is being hyped up and what will be introduced remains to be seen. However, here is a list of what should be dropped next week and I’ll throw in some hopefuls as well:

WWDC 2012, “Where great ideas go on to do great things.”
What Should be Introduced:
  1. Updates to the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, and Mac Pro. (Released July 6th??)
  2. With updates to the Mac, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to go with updated Mac’s . (Also released July 6th, late summer perhaps?)
  3. iOS 6 is introduced with iCloud enhancements, Notification widgets added, Facebook integration. 
What Maybe be Introduced:
  1. iTV maybe talked about some, atleast the OS if they are in fact making iTV’s. 
  2. Different sizes for the iPad in terms of a 7 inch iPad Mini along side the New iPad.
  3. The iPhone 5 introduced with a larger size, better front facing camera, LTE, better battery life, possibly a new design. 
All of these suggested and anticipated products are strictly rumors and final products remain to be seen. Knowing Apple and Tim Cook’s very intriguing D10 conference interview, I would not be surprised if something unknown is dropped. What that may be, I dont have a clue. So what are you looking forward to? Does this list match up with yours? And is this the most anticipated WWDC you can remember besides 2007? Let us know in the comment box below and dont forget to follow us on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for all your Apple News. Peace!! 

Weekend Rumors, Facebook in iOS 6 and More!

iOS 6 has been rumored to have both Twitter
and Facebook integrated into the OS.

Well the weekend for reporting Apple news can be a lot like watching paint dry on a wall. Well, maybe that is far more entertaining. However, interesting and heated debates have sparked over several news stories involving Facebook, MobileMe, and rumors of a Point and Shoot camera. Lets break it down shall we? 
  • Lets discuss the whole Apple loves Facebook rumor that has been flying around causing very heated discussions. After this years AllThingsD D10 conference, its no secret Apple and Facebook are on a deeper level than just talking, yet no one really knows whats going on. Thanks to the guys down at MacRumors, people have been screaming bloody murder about the “possibility,” note the wording possibility, of having Facebook integrated on some level with iOS, assumed much like Twitter. Yes, Facebook isn’t exactly the darling of the Stock Market and the cults of privacy, but 500 million plus, including myself, use Facebook to communicate with friends and family across the global. Apple isn’t stupid, they will make it OPTIONAL, so shut up, calm down, and take this rumor with a grain of salt.
  • On a less heated but still important topic to some, Apple is killing off MobileMe for good and giving those users who have yet to switch to iCloud 30 days. I guess this isn’t really all that big a deal because iCloud was introduced about this time last year, so this is expected. But I get it, i used MobileMe, so it is a sad day to see this go. But iCloud is pretty decent, so its time to move forward, i guess.   
  • Now for the last rumor of the weekend, I cant believe I am talking about this, another crazy story from MacRumors talked about Apple venturing into the Point and Shoot business (P&S). Ok, before I break the code of ethics when it comes to journalism about being biased and negative, I just want to say this makes some sense. Apple is all about cameras, capturing the moment, and then using other Apple devices to make you feel like a pro and an Artist (cough cough instagram photographers, which I am one of them). They could do this, run iCloud on it with Photo Stream and some version of iOS. But in all seriousness, just stop, stop it, these stories make me nauseous from laughing so hard. Apple re-entered the camera business way back with the iPhone back in 2007 and every year have made it better. My iPhone 4S takes wonderful photos and videos? Wow, they look amazing. To make a P&S is possible, but highly, I mean highly unlikely. So just stop, seriously. Next!!??
Ok, so there you have it, all of the weekends craziest stories, on the eve of Sunday. Looking forward to more crazy stories from the boys and girls down at MacRumors leading up to the WWDC this June. Let us know what you think of these rumors. Do you like them, hate them, or do you just don’t care at all. Have a fun, safe, and Apple filled weekend and see you all commenting on Monday. Peace Apple Nation!  

An Inside Look at Tim Cook during D10!

Ok, so we have recapped much of what Tim Cook had to say about Steve, Apple, and the future. Here is small clip of the major highlights of the interview, very interesting stuff indeed if you are an Apple fan. Check it out and let us know what you think, enjoy!