Reviews of the Next Generation Macbook Pro

The Next Generation Macbook Pro.

Since the introduction of the Next Generation Macbook Pro at the annual WWDC, the new Macbook Pro has been generating a lot of attention. When I say a lot of attention, I mean a lot! Apple has gone as far as even creating a commercial designated for just the Macbook Pro itself, not with OS X Mountain, not talking about iOS 6 or iCloud, not the iPhone with Siri or even the iPad with Siri. Its just the Macbook Pro, and this is something Apple usually doesnt do with with exception of the Macbook Air a couple of years ago. 

This new Macbook Pro is not only just ground breaking, its innovative, its amazing, awesome, and so much more. Everything about the Macbook Pro has changed from the inside out. If you don’t believe my love for this device, thats cool, but here are some major reviews from big time journalists.

The New York Times – David Pogue

Superfast. Superthin. Superlight. Superlong battery life. Immense storage. Enough memory to keep lots of programs open at once. Stunning screen, comfortable keyboard, terrific sound. Fast start-up, rugged body, gorgeous looks.

And, of course, inexpensive.

The new Apple laptop that went on sale Monday hits an impressive number of those high notes in one radical swoop. As you might guess, the one it misses by the biggest margin is “inexpensive.”

Engadget – Tim Stevens
Next Generation Macbook Pro.

Is this the best Mac ever? You can’t ignore the Air as an amazing piece of machinery, especially with the new, higher-powered Ivy Bridge processors and faster SSDs tucked inside its wedge profile. But, this new Pro is on another level of performance. With a quad-core processor and up to 16GB of RAM it’s a proper beast — a proper beast that you can throw in your messenger bag and carry around all day without spending all night complaining about an aching back.

That said, this is not exactly a small machine, heavy enough that those happy Air users who’ve been feeling tempted might want to take a swing by their closest Apple Store and lift one themselves. It’s expensive, too.

The Verge – Ross Miller

If you’re in the market for a premium OS X laptop right now, it’s hard not to recommend the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. If, however, power isn’t your ultimate goal, may we suggest shaving a few pounds and specs for the MacBook Air. As for everything in between, those non-Retina “standard” MacBook Pros, well… the writing’s on the wall. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to be even a little bit patient and wait for more apps to push Retina-optimized updates — if you get the MacBook Pro with Retina display now, you’ll be waiting on the world to change.

Retina Display Macbook Pro.
Time – Harry McCracken

Even for those of us who are unlikely to spend more than two grand on a computer, or who prefer something more ultraportable than a 15″ model, the arrival of the Retina MacBook Pro is a meaningful moment in Mac history. It’s the most refined, advanced PC that Apple has produced to date. And it’s a safe bet that the ideas it exhibits will be reflected in future models from the company, including ones with smaller screens and smaller price tags. It’s both a great computer, and a preview of great computers to come.

CNET – Dan Ackerman

I’ve previously called the 15-inch MacBook Pro one of the most universally useful all-around laptops you can buy. This new version adds to that with HDMI, faster ports, and more portability. But it also subtracts from that with its exclusion of an optical drive and Ethernet port, plus its very high starting price. The Pro and Retina Pro are clearly two laptops designed for two different users, and with the exception of all-day commuters who need something closer to a MacBook Air or ultrabook, one of the two branches of the MacBook Pro family tree is still probably the most universally useful laptop you can buy.

Predictions for Upcoming WWDC 2012

Well, it is that time of the year once again for all you crazy Apple lovers. Yep, I am talking about the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 and if you buy into all the hype, this maybe the most anticipated WWDC since 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. What exactly is being hyped up and what will be introduced remains to be seen. However, here is a list of what should be dropped next week and I’ll throw in some hopefuls as well:

WWDC 2012, “Where great ideas go on to do great things.”
What Should be Introduced:
  1. Updates to the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, and Mac Pro. (Released July 6th??)
  2. With updates to the Mac, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to go with updated Mac’s . (Also released July 6th, late summer perhaps?)
  3. iOS 6 is introduced with iCloud enhancements, Notification widgets added, Facebook integration. 
What Maybe be Introduced:
  1. iTV maybe talked about some, atleast the OS if they are in fact making iTV’s. 
  2. Different sizes for the iPad in terms of a 7 inch iPad Mini along side the New iPad.
  3. The iPhone 5 introduced with a larger size, better front facing camera, LTE, better battery life, possibly a new design. 
All of these suggested and anticipated products are strictly rumors and final products remain to be seen. Knowing Apple and Tim Cook’s very intriguing D10 conference interview, I would not be surprised if something unknown is dropped. What that may be, I dont have a clue. So what are you looking forward to? Does this list match up with yours? And is this the most anticipated WWDC you can remember besides 2007? Let us know in the comment box below and dont forget to follow us on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for all your Apple News. Peace!! 

Undergoing New Changes!

If you are a fan of and AppleGuesser, then dont worry. The site has been down for quite sometime, but is under going some new changes and strategies which should be up and running again very soon. Some of the notable changes that will be made is that it will be:

We Are Back!

  •  4 big stories each week, for better quality and more originality. 
  •  A saturday podcast, either video or or audio.
  •  And there will be an App for the Apple App Store built finally and released in the coming months. 
Thank you all for being so loyal and hope to read all of your comments once again. 

Two Things I Hate About OS X Lion

There are many things that I think are fantastic about OS X Lion. I love Mission Control for all my apps and I love all the touch gestures that make my Macbook that much more enjoyable and easy to use. But somethings really bother me about OS X that just makes me scratch my head and wonder what the heck is Apple doing. First thing is iBooks and really I shouldnt be wondering where this is on my Mac. Not having iBooks on my Mac is like not having iTunes either. You could argue there is no need for iBooks on a Mac, but if you want to use that logic then if you buy a song its only for your iPod and not your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Where is this app at? If Amazon can have a kindle on the Mac, then why cant Apple make iBooks for the Mac? I would love to be able to read my books on my Mac that I have purchased, just saying Apple!! 

iBooks suggested icon for  Mac.
Another thing that really bothers me in the world of OS X is that there is no iMessages integration what so ever. Let me ask you something, have you ever wanted to use or have used the iChat app, especially after FaceTime became a dedicated app? If your like me, probably not and I believe Apple is missing gold here as well with this. Take that boring messaging app and turn it into iChat for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac. Update the chat display within the messaging app on IOS, and build it into the iChat app with FaceTime, and iCloud mail. All the communication in one app for all your contacts. Sounds like a great idea to me, so if someone like me can think of this, whats stopping Apple from doing something similar? Hmmm 🙂
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Coming to the App Store?

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iBooks 2.0, What it mean?

Well, I have to admit, the nerd inside me was extremely pumped up for todays press conference that unveiled iBooks 2.0 and interactive textbooks now in the bookstore in iTunes. This is going to change the world as we know it, I guarantee that it will. Early this morning around 10 am eastern time in New York City, Apple announced the news that many of us had been speculating for weeks after Apple announced there would be an education press conference. What I am really hoping is the success of these textbooks are phenomenal and drive others to creating eTextbooks for Apple and maybe one day college students will only have to go to one place for all their eTextbook needs on Apple’s iBookstore. Coming from a college student, trust me, this would be flat out amazing indeed. So are most of my textbooks I need are in the form of eTextbooks, but I have 6 apps I use to find 6 books.

iBooks 2 with eTextbooks comes to iTunes and IOS Devices
everywhere. So where is iBooks on the Mac?

Stop me if this sounds familar, “cough, cough” iTunes…… Seriously, look back to what Apple did to the music industry. Obviously, Amazon does a wonderful job as well know days but look back to 2004 or 2003, iTunes was the one stop shop for all your music needs. I am hoping that the eTextbooks take off for Apple and maybe textbooks will be the next music phase with Apple. Ah, only a wishful college student like myself can dream, but its a realistic dream and its a dream I believe can come to light in a very short time.

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IOS 5.0.2 and iTunes Match!

Ok, so as usual have been up to my neck in lots of things dealing with school. But alas, I am here to bring you the top stories from the Apple world right now. The top story in the Apple world at the moment is IOS 5.0.2. Yep, turns out the update of IOS 5.0.1 for some was so so, others no change, and for others, 2000% better. For me, IOS 5.0.1 has resolved those battery woes, but for others, this update actually brought on battery woes or made them worse. So Apple is working even harder to push IOS 5.0.2 out to the public by next week, probably that tuesday before thanksgiving. Also down the road, Apple is working on updating Siri to have more control over taking pictures, videos, and settings in IOS giving Siri even more control, which I am all for. This update would be Apples first major update being IOS 5.1 and looks to be debuting according the experts in early 2012, but my gut says December of 2011.

So the second top story in the world of Apple is iTunes match. Apple in my opinion has not been all that clear on what really is going down with iTunes match and I want to clear some things up. Some of things you need to know, which some of you guys may already be aware of, is that this service to get it going is a $24.99 yearly charge. Not a bad charge for putting 4,000 songs in the cloud. Furthermore, iTunes converts all songs it can match in the iTunes store to a 256 kbps AAC format, which i think is awesome, and if the song can not be matched, its just uploaded to the iCloud. Once on you activate the service on your computer, go over to the music section in your settings on your iDevice and sign in and turn on all the iTunes match settings. Once all that is done, you can stream your songs or download them to your device. And yes, it does stream it, which means the first time you play it, it uses 3G or WiFi to play the song, but after that, its almost saved or stored, but not on the device??? I am not sure how to explain it then, but it plays the songs you’ve played before without any internet but its not stored on your device. Anyways, the catch here is that you are limited to 25,000 songs and anymore will get you banned from the entire service. However, i think this might only affect 2% of people with iTunes anyways so no worries there. Another catch is that at the moment, people outside of the US cannot take avantage of this service. So for all my viewers in the UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia, and other places, iTunes match is not available for you guys, which I think is kind of sad.

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