Next Generation Macbook Pro 13 inch Coming this October?

The 15 inch next generation Macbook Pro was the darling of the WWDC this year for many reasons. However, if you were hoping for for a 13 inch next generation Macbook Pro, then you were left out in the cold to hope for another day. Well there is hope, more than hope really as more and more reports continue to come in claiming another Macbook Pro, more specially, a next generation Macbook Pro 13 inch is due this fall around the October.
Just about 4 days before the release of the 15 inch next generation Macbook Pro, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities released a report that stated Apple would be in fact releasing the next generation Macbook along side the current Macbook Pro line, instead of replacing it. Kuo even went as far to report that an updated Macbook Pro would not be released until at the earliest August of this year due to issues with dissipation of heat throughout the machine. According to to Kuo;

[W]e don’t expect the new 13” MacBook to be available until after August this year, as it has limited space for thermal dissipation and uses a lower-yield retinal display than the 15” version. [Kuo] expects Apple to ramp up production of a 13-inch next-generation MacBook Pro with Retina display in September. That would allow the product to hit stores in early October, in time for the holiday shopping season.
Potentially supporting the idea of a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro being in testing is the discovery of a “MacBookPro10,2” listing in the results database for the battery utility app MiniBatteryLogger. The 15-inch MacBook Pro carries a designation of “MacBookPro10,1”, and while the MacBookPro10,2 designation could presumably have been faked, there are several indications that it may be legitimate. 

Next Generation Macbook Pro is here!

The next generation Macbook Pro.

After years of clamoring, months of screaming, and days of denial, the Macbook Pro we dreamed of is finally here. Not only did Apple prove they havent forgotten about the Mac, they proved to me and many others that the Mac is here to stay with such a solid product with an even more solid OS coming to the product in July. What makes this Macbook Pro so good? Well i’ll list the features/specs of this powerful machine:

  • 15.4″ Retina display at a 2880×1880 resolution, 220 ppi with 5,184,000 pixels, with a display that is built directly into the unibody construction to make the notebook lighter.
  • Quad-core Ivy Bridge processors up to 2.8GHz and turbo boost up to 3.7GHz, up to 16GB of MacBook Air-like non-upgradable 1600MHz RAM, and a maximum of 768GB of next generation flash storage.
  • The new Pro weighs in at 4.46 pounds and is 0.71″ thick, but does not include a MacBook Air-like tapered body. There is no optical drive. 
  • 7 hours of battery life with 30 days of standby time.
  • includes an SD slot, HDMI, and a USB 3.0/2.0 combo port on the right side, and a MagSafe power port, two Thunderbolt ports, another USB 3.0/2.0 port and a headphone jack on the left.
So to recap of what is under the hood of this machine, for the base model with the Retina display, a 2.3GHz quad-core Ivy Bridge i7, 8GB of RAM, a NVidia GeForce GT 650M 1GB graphics card, and 256GB of flash storage. The Next Generation MacBook Pro begins shipping today at a starting price of $2199. 

Apple’s Back to School Promotion

Remember the days when Apple gave out free printers and iPod touches to those that purchased a Mac during the annual Back to School promotion? Well I remember. Sadly, Apple no longer sees that promotion as necessary because they can now offer 100 dollars in iStore credit instead of 200+ dollars in value merchandise to go with your mac.

Back to School promotion for new iPad and Mac purchases.

Atleast with this year, the iPad is included in the deal with a $50 value for those buying new macs. Those deciding to buy the refurbed iPads are left out in the cold, as to be expected. As for the Mac, everything seems business as usual with the promotion appearing to be very similar to last years promotion. Any Mac that qualifies will receive a $100 iTunes card. As with previous years, the cards should be valid across Apple’s digital stores, including the iTunes Store, iOS App Store, Mac App Store, and iBookstore.

Leaked Specs for the Macbook Pro?

Rumors and part leaks for Apple products are nothing new. From iPhones to iPods, to iPads and the Mac line up, product leaks always generate a lot of attention from users, fans, and critics alike. On the eve of the WWDC, a photo taken and posted onto the internet revealed the potential specs of the MacBook Pro 13 inch. From what many can tell, this seems very legit with people both current and form Apple employees backing the claim. 
(Rumored) Leaked specs for the Macbook Pro.
What has so many people upset is that the new MacBook Pro, if the specs are true, has very dull changes to it including a lack of a high resolution screen and remaining attached to SSD. I understand people want change, want upgrades to the MBP line up and I believe they will receive them. What Apple is trying to do in my opinion is slowly axe the old MBP line up in favor of a slimmer, lighter, higher res screen MBP 15 inch. If you sit down and think about it, the concept seems right, give people the cheaper option of a MBP while pushing out new technology. Apple has done this before with the aluminum Macbook along side the White Macbook in 2008 and they do this with the iPhone offering an older model while pushing the new technology. 
While I certainly am not ecstatic about an incremental update for the 13 inch MBP, a model i use and love, I understand what Apple is attempting to do. So for those upset over this mediocre update, get over it and buy the 15 inch MBP that should be unveiled Monday, June 11th at 4 pm est/ 1 pm pst. Until then, lets all take a breather and see what happens. We have a long way to go before the WWDC next week. 

Why The "iPhone 5" Won’t Be Available This Summer

People keep asking me, hey AppleGuesser, when is the new iPhone coming out? Is it coming out this June? The simple and most accurate statement is a flat out NO, the new iPhone is not coming out in June, July, or August. I realize that this is a heated debate and what I’m saying is just a mere opinion, but mark my words, the new iPhone is not coming out summer and here is why.

  • The iPhone 4S would be just 8 months old in June. If Apple did decide to release the newest iPhone to the masses this June following the Worldwide Developers Conference, this would ostracize millions of very new iPhone users. By releasing a new iPhone in June, they would be taking the best selling smartphone on the market, a phone that millions of people use and turning their phone into an inferior device not even one year after being released. By doing this, Apple would be practicing the very tactic Apple bashes consistently and that is bashing the idea of making a phone only to make it inferior only a short time later. This isn’t Apple like and will not happen, no matter how bad you may want that new iPhone.
  • If the new iPhone were in fact in production, where are all the part leaks? With every new iPhone release, some part from a manufactuorer in China leaks a part of an iPhone to the internet whether it is a battery, antenna, a sim card tray, or a docking connector. Whatever part you care to get excited over, almost nothing has been leaked as of yet. I realize a home button MAY have been leaked, but other than that, nothing really yet. With just a few short weeks to go to the WWDC with few part leaks and no prototype iPhone mishaps (cough. cough), the odds are incredibly likely that Apple will not in fact release the new iPhone this summer.
Although the latest iPhone will not be releasing this summer, there are many great things to look forward to this summer and beyond for Apple enthusiasts like myself. Apple seems to have a huge summer in store for the Mac which may help lift your spirit. With the addition of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion this summer, updates to the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and iMac lines have been rumored to be coming as well. This would like up right as Apple would look to soften the news of a Fall release of the new iPhone with the news of updated Mac’s for OS X 10.8. 
So there you have it all you crazy Apple fans, that is why the new iPhone will not be coming out this summer. But don’t get to upset, if you have a Mac, this is an exciting time as OS X 10.8 looks likely it will roar (excuse the pun haha). Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @AppleGuesser or on Facebook @Guessing The Apple. Have an awesome early Tuesday Morning!!!! 🙂

What Apple did Wrong!

Steve Jobs presenting Keynote for iTunes Ping
November of 2009.

Well Ive been gone for a long time, but today i want to talk about something that Apple totally did wrong. What Apple did was so bad, an absolute blunder that it is reminds me of mobileme, another monumental failure by Apple. Now dont get me wrong, i am a huge supporter of Apple and have far more good things to say about them, but in this case they have left me scratchin’ the ol’ noggin.

What I’ve been getting at is iTunes Ping, or in Apple World simply known as Ping. The other day I was on iTunes and I saw ping. For a minute, I had to remember what it was and the last time I used it. What it is supposed to be is Apple’s version of a music social media, something MySpace did right in its hayday and still does a nice job at today. However, there are several shortcomings that make me shake my head and leave me wondering what the heck Apple was thinking when they released it. Here are a few bulleted points of things that 100% suck about ping.

  • No actual website. This is bad because to get someone to find and add me, the process is slow, confusing, and annoying and is not as simple as just giving them the url, so I dont bother. Not the adjectives I usually use to describe a company that pushes the slogan “It just works.”
  • The profiles themselves are terrible. For the most part, I can upload one picture of myself, and share just 3 genres of music i like (which i like FAR more than that) and I can list some music I bought. Yeah, nothing that is overwhelming and rather actually underwhelming
  • You cant send messages, chat, or start groups. After saying all that, why would i want to use this social media? Its isolated, primative, ugly, boring, and pointless. By far, this is the worst attempt to create something in Apples long and historic run of success.
After all this negativity AppleGuesser, surely there is something Ping does right. Yeah, sure it does SOMETHING right, what is it? I sure dont know. Honestly, I have used Ping for all of 10 minutes, and that was mostly used to set the profile up. Now if Apple wants to make this thing really fly, they could and can do it, here is how:
  1. Add the Find My Friends to Ping, almost like a check in for Facebook. Make it intuitive for finding friends.
  2. Ok Apple, I know you may cringe at the thought of incorporating Facebook to your Social Network. But please, do it. That way I can find friends, post music ive been listening to or bought to my news feed, much like instagram works. 
  3. Make it a website I can access easily from anywhere, not just iTunes. By having it in iTunes, you isolate the Social Network. By having it on the net, I can add friends more easily VIA a simple url and vise versa. 
  4. And lastly, make this a dedicated default app and built it through iOS 6. Stop using twitter as your cover up Social Networking creator. You have your own, use it man!
Ok, so those are somethings that have been gnawing at me for quite sometime. What do you guys think? Do you actually use Ping at all? Am I just trying to make a tin can fly in the air? Who knows, but i do know that if Apple tried even a little bit to make this work, they could make it work. Anyways, Peace people, take it easy, enjoy that last day of April, and Happy Monday! AppleGuesser OUT!!!! 

Undergoing New Changes!

If you are a fan of and AppleGuesser, then dont worry. The site has been down for quite sometime, but is under going some new changes and strategies which should be up and running again very soon. Some of the notable changes that will be made is that it will be:

We Are Back!

  •  4 big stories each week, for better quality and more originality. 
  •  A saturday podcast, either video or or audio.
  •  And there will be an App for the Apple App Store built finally and released in the coming months. 
Thank you all for being so loyal and hope to read all of your comments once again.