A Deep Look at OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Lion released way back in July of 2011, and with it brought the worlds most advanced operating system to the Mac. For the first time for Macs, the OS was offered digitally from the Mac App Store and this was a huge success with over 80% of OS X users currently running the latest version of OS X.

At this years WWDC 2012, OS X Mountain Lion was demoed and showed off to the world. This latest version of OS X brings a lot of familar features from iOS over to the Mac. With the latest update, features such as Reminders, Messages, Notes, Notification Center, Game Center, AirPlay Mirroring, Dictation, Facebook and Twitter integration, and so much more. Actually, I believe this video from Apple does a great job at showing what OS X Mountain Lion is all about:

For me personally, I really look forward to this update because this is shaping up to be one of the most feature packed updates in recent years. Although many people disagree and claim that iOS and OS X merging slowly together is the downfall of OS X, I disagree completely. Adding all of these features not only enhances the Mac experience and help build a better relationship between iOS devices and Mac, iOS only users will find transitioning over to the Mac to be less confusing and actually familar. Apple isnt dumbing down the Mac, they arent compromising features. In fact, they are making OS X more user friendly and even more powerful. If you disagree with me, enjoy the discombobulated Windows 8 metro, then tell me if you would rather have OS X Mountain Lion or MS Metro.


OS X Mountain Lion, What I Love So Far

Earlier this year I had written an article called “Two things I hate about OS X Lion,” and for the most part I have loved everything about OS X Lion. But I have stumbled across multiple sources reporting having a preview to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 with all kinds of really amazing features. These features take a few pointers from iOS. And when I a few pointers, holy crap OS X takes some pointers. Things like GameCenter, Reminders, Notes, and Messages are just a few of the iOS features coming to Mountain Lion and all these features are incredible. Not only are they incredible and incredibly useful, they are necessary on a Mac.

OS X Mountain Lion Preview

But lets not focus on the features as most of you guys already know what these features are all about. What needs to be focused on is how huge the release of Mountain Lion really is. This isnt just some update, or some update that merely blurs the line between iOS and OS X devices. This update takes these lines between iOS and OS X and redefines them by taking features that make our iOS devices and ties them to the great features of OS X. Many have said that the Mac and OS X are a dying group and this is something that I agree with. For the average person, OS X is boring and fairly unhelpful with iOS devices like the iPad and iPod as the new Macs. However, with Mountain Lion, this will bring people back to the Mac because the useful and intuitive OS will be back.

If you would love a taste of Mountain Lion, go to Apples Mac Page for the link to download the beta version of Messages for the Mac and a video of all the features. So there you have it. If anything breaking goes down today or the rest of the week I will have it here. Anyways, dont forget to like us on Facebook @GuessingTheApple and follow us on Twitter @AppleGuesser. Also, when our Facebook page gets 100 likes, one person will win an iTunes gift card and the same goes for this blog. Once this blog gets 100 followers, one lucky fan will get a 15$ iTunes gift card. Peace Apple Nation and dont forget to get your friends to follow our blog and like our Facebook page.