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pod2g’s iOS blog: Absinthe (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untether installer)…

pod2g’s iOS blog: Absinthe (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untether installer)…: The greenpois0n blog is under heavy load… because it’s indeed out ! Here is the download link of Chronic Dev Team’s Absinthe : :http://cache.greenpois0n.com/dl/absinthe-mac-0.1.2-1.zip

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A Recap of IOS 5

Well its been a solid day since IOS 5 was released to the public and so far, so good. To this point IOS 5 has been everything I was asking for and a little bit more. Unlike any IOS to this point, no other update has been so heavily focused on adding new features and other features users have been jailbreaking for. Yes, I am one of those people that have been jailbreaking for years to get features such as wifi sync, notification center, banner notifications, and multitasking. Say what you will about jailbreakers, including Apple themselves, jailbreaking is at the heart and soul of the whole operation. Jailbreakers see what Android has and what the iPhone lacks and they find a way to take a good idea and make it something that IOS users can and eventually will use on a daily basis. Basically, this IOS was Apple realizing that their OS was behind in both the Android and Jailbreaking community. They took que’s from both communities and added these features to the OS to bring IOS right up to par with Android feature wise and completely lap Android with the overall user experience, especially on Apple’s iPad tablet. So as always, comments, questions, suggestions put them below and a quick question for all my viewers out there, how was your downloading experience for IOS 5. Was it quick and easy or was it slow and problem filled like my experience? Put all that below and as always dont forget to follow me on twitter @FungusMungus09 or if you prefer email me instead it is ugazach@me.com. Peace!

Facebook is Officially Here For The iPad!

Finally, Facebook for the iPad is here. Finally!!!

Ok, so yes, I was the idiot claiming the Facebook native app for the iPad was a phantom and in reality it wasnt. For real this time, it is here. I actually can see on the App Store the plus sign next to the app indicating it is now officially a universal app. So far, I like the app. Here are 3 things that make this app pretty solid from just its mere 1 hour life in the public.

  1. Chat. Its like texting basically now and it seems smooth without blocking the news feed. More multitasking. Now in the vertical mode, its a little less cool, but still accesible and it does block the screen more.
  2. The other side, or other third of the screen. This is great. Tap the list button on the top right next to the friend, message, and notification button at the toolbar and the other third of the screen lists your profile, favorites, groups, and apps. Very functional, very smooth, reminds me of facepad in a way with mobile safari mix, it actually feels good, not a typical crappy update facebook pushes out for their iPhone app.
  3. The entire UI in general. This app functions. Really. When was the last time I could say that about a Facebook app. Job well done, albeit well over a year slow, but better right than a junky app that keeps getting worse and worse *cough cough* the iPhone app.
All in all, great app Facebook, i applaud you for finally doing something right and something that was long, long overdue. My apologies for calling this app a phantom app. As always, questions, comments, concerns, all welcome below and dont forget to follow me on twitter @FungusMungus09 for all your Apple related news. Peace!