Try this Ipad app if you havent

Alright, so i just got done watching and rewatching NBC’s The Office and i must say that the show was fantastic, especially considering Michael Scott will not be returning to the show this season. Anyways, NBC has their app out now I guess a couple of weeks and I have been using it and have been absolutely enjoying the app. The UI is smooth and bug free and the app allows users to watch the latest shows from their favorite TV shows free. Granted, they have lots of ads and who in their right minds likes ads? I am sure no one does 🙂 but this app is great and a breath of fresh air in sense. Hey, ESPN and Hulu, I think you all could learn a thing or two from NBC. So let me know guys, do you use or like the NBC app or maybe do you even honestly care? Comment below 🙂


Iphone 4S showing up?

Well it looks like there actually is an Iphone 4S according to a source that claims this is an Otterbox Iphone 4S box with a case inside of it. This is really interesting to me because i have been hearing so many rumors of an Iphone 5 and Iphone 4S along with an Iphone 5 being a complete fraud and fake. Well if this is true and really, i hope it is true, because im sick of the guessing game, we will have an actual confirmed Iphone. However, i dont believe this for a second, i mean really, think about it. If Apple wanted to release a minor update, which if Apple plays off of the 3GS, then why would they wait over a year to release a new Iphone and make this process so secretive. I believe there is an Iphone 4S/5 that is completely new and redesigned look, but the rumored date (finally!!) on October 4th should shed light on this as Tim Cook hosts his first hardware release press conference as Apple’s new CEO. I dont know about you, but this has felt like one heck of a long wait for an Iphone and more importantly, IOS5, which i will talk about in my next article.